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The Great Australian lifestyle of inviting family and friends at your home for a barbecue has evolved into a whole outdoor kitchen/entertainment experience. Here at Brightline we are passionate about cooking and entertaining outside and we have fully embraced the evolution of utilising the simple aussie bbq tradition and expanding it to enjoy it even further.

Alfresco area, BBQ area, or Outdoor kitchen, whatever you wish to call it, everyone looks forward to a great meal outside, and we are here to make sure your Outdoor BBQ experience un-matched by anything else you can find. We come out to you, measure your space, talk about your needs/wants/expectations both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, then design and manufacture a custom made outdoor alfresco kitchen that compliments the look of your home.

We offer a broad range of materials to finish your BBQ to complement the decor of your space, including stainless steel, ceaser stone, marble, granite, copper, polished concrete, timber, glass, colourbond panels, the options are endless.


Like anything that is built, the foundation of the structure gives the final product its strength/durability, This is where a Brightline Designer Barbecue excels, and is set very far in front of the rest on the market. With our background in commercial kitchen fitouts for the hospitality industry, we construct your custom made barbecue in the exactly the same way as we do our commercial kitchens, just with a much higher level of finish.

Put simply, your outdoor kitchen is custom made for you, in our Sydney workshop to a commercial strength, it is welded together with stainless steel tube frame, including the doors! The main structure of your custom bbq is not cheap/thin sheet metal, it is not screwed, clipped, or pop riveted together like all the others, and you will not be expected to follow impossible instructions with cheap tools included in a flat pack box, your bbq cabinents will be supplied to you complete, and tailor made for your space.

What does this mean to you? This means your Designer Barbecue is custom made for your home, and will last you for many years of quality outdoor entertainment, it won’t start to lean over from loose rusty screws, the door hinges will not come loose or fall off, and it will not end up outside on your front lawn for council clean up after a season or two of cooking.

Your Brightline Barbecue is not just an outdoor appliance, but a experience and feature in your backyard for you to enjoy with family and friends, it is also a solid investment in the way of value added to your home. Feedback from customers have found when it came time to selling their home, the outdoor kitchen added significant value to their property, it also set it apart, and made it much more appealing to prospective buyers.


We offer a broad range of materials to finish your BBQ to complement the decor of your space

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We service locations all over NSW, our head office/workshop is located in Sydney (Chipping Norton), however we also have locations in the Hunter/Port Stephens area, and also the Mudgee Region.

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